Tuesday, 25 January 2011

♥ A Website Evaluation


And Hi to everyone :)

As for Task 1, I've chose EnglishClub.com as I believe that this website would really give a lot of benefits to students and also teachers :)

I know that this website look plain and boring. But, pls dont judge a book by its cover ok. Explore first! Then you will know.

Basically EnglishClub.com provides notes on ways to improve the main 4 skills in language learning (listening, speaking, reading and writing), grammar, and other tips of learning ESL. Besides, the application users are also expected to try the quizzes and games from the websites. The games and quizzes are designed for different levels of learners and hence, the application users can test themselves to identify their own level. EnglishClub.com also provides books and references for further reading and understanding. Here, the users can search and find related books for English learning. Furthermore, the users of this application are expected to join the club and to interact with others. By joining the club, users can have forums and discussions on any desired topics. Besides that, the application also gives links to some blogs regarding English lessons. Visitors of the blogs can see the different perceptions of different persons regarding to some issues in education. EnglishClub.com also provides videos on English learning. The videos are useful for those who are interested to see (or study) authentic videos of how non-native speakers of English learn the language. This video can be motivation for many people who think learning English is challenging.

So, what about you guys? Have you choose the website? Lets share! :)



Cikgu Nizam said...

<3 to improve ourself... gheee

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